Large Cabin or Heavy Private Jets

Heavy Jets are deemed the elite class when looking at the private and business jet aircraft industry and have on offer wide cabin space, speed, high altitude, and impressively long range capabilities. These private jets are ultra-luxurious and combine the long range capability of transatlantic  flights with the comfort and speed you would expect from such a high specification aircraft.   Manufacturers of Heavy Jets include companies such as Dassault Falcon, Gulfstream and Bombardier who are all established leaders in the design and manufacture of this jet type category.

Heavy jets are quite often defined as the largest jet aircraft available; which essentially are capable of long distances without the need for a main runway.

Heavy Jets offer the same convenience and simplicity of all of the other classes of Jet available including Light and Midsize but obviously on a much bigger scale; also being able to offer more space and features.    Heavy Jets offer a cabin size of around 6ft in height, and range from between 6 to 8ft wide and from 28 to 50ft in length.   Heavy Jets have the capacity to accommodate between 9 and 19 passengers and can cruise over 500-560mph without the need for a fuel stop for a little more than 6,400km.

Passengers can experience a full range of features and amenities including a full galley kitchen that has the ability to serve both hot and cold food, a private toilet, office facilities, and even in-flight entertainment, not to mention the generous baggage compartments.   Heavy Jets are able to fly from airports and airfields that are not usually accessible to larger commercial style aircraft.

There are essentially many styles of Heavy Corporate Jets available including: Bombardier Global Express Airplane, Gulfstream G350, G550, G500, G450; Global 5000, Challenger 850XP; Dassault Falcon 7X.

Gulfstream G550


The Gulfstream G550 is powered by Rolls-Royce BR710 engines which have been enhanced allowing each to produce 15,385lb of thrust and maintain a high cruise speed of a very impressive Mach 0.87 with a non-stop range of a little over 12km.   The Gulfstream has an initial cruise altitude of 41,000ft and can reach a maximum cruise altitude of 51,000ft. The cabin of the G550 is large enough to comfortably accommodate a maximum of 19 passengers.

Global 5000


Bombardier’s Global 5000 is a slightly smaller version of their alternative Heavy Jet, the Global Express XRS. The Global 5000 has a lot to offer including a 5000 mile flight range, whilst remaining more efficient and cost-effective than its larger counterpart.  The Cabin of the 5000 has been designed to be ultra-comfortable when travelling on very long flights.  The cabin is also highly insulated which cuts down on engine noise.  Typically the Global 5000 seats between 13 and 19 passengers and has 2 private restroom areas and also a private shower option available. Spacious galley

The heavy jets can hit speeds of up to 620 mph and have a flight range between 3,044 nm to 6,750 nm.   Maximum altitude varies between 41,000 ft and 51,000 ft.   The Heavy Jets have a passenger capacity of between 12 and 19 and are the crème de la crème of the Jet world.

Estimated Costs: $23.6 M to $46.0 M