Mid-Size Private Jets

Mid-Size Jets are private Jet aircraft have been designed and manufactured for longer range travel requirements whether for business or pleasure.  They are more than suitable for transcontinental flights and travel which may require larger capacity for passengers.

The Mid-Size Jet aircraft has a combination of longer flight distance, extra speed, and more comfort that you would expect from a larger business or private jet.

Mid-Size Jets are in a different league to the smaller jet classed by way of their increased headroom and separate toilet facilities. They are essentially perfect for transatlantic flights, they have the capacity to carry more luggage due to their huge storage spaces and the fuel tanks are considerably larger. Mid Jets can fly easily for five hours and some have even managed a range as high as seven hours. Some mid-sized aircraft have even managed to top cruising speeds in excess of 600mph! Mid-Size Jets have the capacity to seat between six and eight passengers.

Mid-Size private jets have the ability to climb fast, deliver five hours non-stop travel and are a highly economical choice without the need for sacrificing any comfort. Mid-Size Jets are more than ideal for smaller groups traveling transcontinental or to destinations within the same country, Mid-Size jets are typically more luxurious, offering club seating, enclosed toilet facilities and partially open galleys.

Mid-Size private jets generally have occupancy space for between 6 and 9 people and 2 Crew Members, the range of a Mid-Size Jet Aircraft is between 1500 sm. and 2955 sm. and can reach speeds of up to a very impressive 539 mph.

There are many models of Mid-Size Aircraft available; size, speed and range have some options verging on the Super-Mid-Size.

The Citation III, the Gulfstream 150 and the Dassault Falcon 2000DX are just three of the options available when looking at aircraft of the Mid-Size Jet Class range:

Citation III


The Cessna Citation III was one of the very first of the Citation jets, which are effectively mid-sized, high-performance business jets.  The Cessna Citation can accommodate 2 crew members and has the capacity for up to eleven passengers.  With a cruise speed of 544 mph and a climb ratio of 2700 feet in just 19 minutes, this Mid Jet is certainly one of the top of the range, preferred models available on the market.

Gulfstream G150


The Gulfstream G150 is an Israeli Aircraft Industries built twin-engine Mid-Size business jet.  The Gulfstream G150 costs approximately £8,654,615.   The Gulfstream 150 is designed to seat up to 8 passengers and can fly non-stop for up to 3,000 nautical miles.  The max range can be achieved at a cruise speed of 430 knots.

Dassault Falcon 2000DX


The Falcon 2000DX, maintains the systems and design of the first 2000, but overall it is a better performing Mid-Size Jet aircraft.

Boasting a range of 3,250 nautical miles and having the capacity to carry up to 8 passengers, the DX can climb to 41,000 feet in 17 minutes.  It is capable of flying at mach .80 at maximum range and has twin Pratt and Whitney Canada PW308C engines.

Prices for Mid-Size Jet aircraft range from $17m to over $40m, the Dassault Falcon being at the higher end at an estimated $39m.  However, the Dassault has the tagline of “technology at its best” so the price really is a reflection of this.  In general there isn’t much between the Mid-Size Jets available, they have the same speeds, altitudes and cabin/occupancy space.