Super Mid-Size Private Jets

Super Mid-Size Jets have a “wide-body” cabin area, capabilities for both high speed and high-altitude and extreme long range. These jets combine the transatlantic capability of smaller jets yet with the added benefits of speed and the luxurious comfort of a wide-body, higher-altitude aircraft.

Super Mid-Size Jets are predominantly knows as the “elite class” when looking at the private and business jet aircraft range available. All Super Mid-Size aircraft come with a Fully trained flight crew including full galley service and cabin attendant, unless of course you are flying it yourself.

The Super Mid-Size Jets offer many of the same benefits of the larger jets but at much more competitive prices. Some of the benefits include full standing headroom, fantastic capacity for luggage storage as well as spacious cabins – which essentially makes this category of Business and Private Jet a popular choice.

Seating capacity varies between eight and twelve and the range of these aircraft is up to an impressive 8 hours.

Super Mid-size jets are also known as executive jets, they can typically take around parties of up to a dozen on trips and journeys of up to 2500 to 3500 miles.  Super Mid-Size Jets are celebrated for their excellence in performance and the luxurious top of the range interiors.

The Super Mid-Size class is infamous as being one of the hottest assets in chartered aircraft for many years. These highly versatile aircraft can fly England or Ireland to North America or anywhere in Europe typically only requiring one stop to refuel.    The cabins in the Super Mid-Size Jets offer passengers plenty of room to relax, work and chat, having more than generous galley facilities, over-generous storage space luggage as well as full sized, comfortable toilet facilities.   Most Jets of this class have pressurised baggage compartments that are accessible during the flight.

Typical examples of Mid-Size Jets include the Bombardier Challenger 605, Dassault Falcon 900 and the Embraer Legacy 600

Challenger 605


The Bombadier Challenger 605 aircraft is one of the world’s popular and best selling larger executive or business jets available. The Challenger 605 not only delivers a superior strength but also has the added benefits of reliability and versatility that you would expect from a jet of this calibre.  The Challenger 605 is a powerful jet has the spec to be able to fly internationally nonstop.

Dassault Falcon 900


The Falcon 900 “intercontinental” range is a three engine Jet (tri-jet) which would typically have a flight crew of two and the capacity to seat between eight and fifteen passengers, sometimes as many as eighteen depending on the specifications you opt for. The Falcon 900 has a max cruising speed of 927km/h and an altitude range of 51,000ft.

Embraer Legacy 600


The Legacy 600 is Embraer’s first attempt business jet but it doesn’t show.  Certified in 1999, the highly-successful Legacy 600 continues to be manufactured today. With a range of 6060 km and a top speed of 834 km/h the Legacy 600 is as efficient and impressive as it is luxurious.

There isn’t much to choose from between the three we have mentioned above, each have their own special features and the altitude reach, speeds are all in the same range – prices are all around the $27m mark.